Flipping the Classroom

I have read the article ‘The Benefits of Flipping the Classroom’ by Charles A. Hill. http://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/instructional-design/the-benefits-of-flipping-your-classroom/

Although I agree with some of the author’s statements regarding the benefits of flipped classroom methodology, I do still have some reservations overall.

With the basis of this instructional method relying on students carrying out some sort of activity outside of class time, there is a definite benefit to conducting a meaningful discussion about the results of what the students have learned. It can also be supported by the implementation of giving the students autonomy to choose a subject matter related activity which has proven to yield more motivation to learn.

Another benefit may be that this activity can embody an expansive learning method that can benefit both student and instructor with set tasks that could be carried out in the community other than in the students home . This could help motivate themselves when they do not perceive this as homework.

The  drawbacks however, may be that this method will still rely for the most part by a students own motivational level. I would fear that you could still have situations where students did not carry out any of their options and this could cause a separation in students that want to excel and those that are not as motivated.

The discussion and exploration part of this flip could also favor the extroverts in the class with the introverts not being involved.

I would also add that in trades based instruction, this may be more of a problem.

I think for this to be a successful way of learning, both instructor and student will have to be more adaptive and responsive to the changing ways in which knowledge is gained.

I am going to look at this more closely and see if there would be ways that would benefit the learning of my students.


One thought on “Flipping the Classroom

  1. This is quite a well-rounded and valid insight. Similarly, I have reservations about flipping the classroom and valued that you’ve weighed both the pros and cons. Student motivation is major factor when it comes to learning at home, doing in class. I like that you discussed autonomy as a benefit of the flipped classroom – as we know, autonomy is so important to motivation. If you are interested in making a deeper consideration for using the flipped classroom, you might consider one test lecture in a course and then re-evaluate if the flipped classroom would work for you.


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