Webquests for Welding Safety

I have researched a webquest at zunal.com/webquest.php?w=102506 that I thought could be a useful tool for my instruction with 4th level Sheet Metal apprentices. Having now been exposed to this platform, I have started to think about other areas of my welding instruction that I thought I could develop a webquest for other related welding classes I instruct also.

My webquest would be designed to deliver learning on the topic of ‘Welding Safety’, as it is covered at the start of all the classes I teach. Welding safety is a topic that has a wealth of information that can be garnered from the internet but I have three sources that I specifically direct my students to. The reason for this is because it has been developed by industry committee members and welding equipment manufacturers. The sources that I would include in my webquest would be:




Much of the topic of welding safety is based on common sense but for the most part it is information that needs to be understood for it’s purpose and then retained for practical use.

I think something that I would be interested in creating to be a part of this webquest would include a series of scaffold style tests or quizzes so students could construct their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter in a way that made sense with regards to it’s purpose. This could even include short videos that students could be quizzed on prior to advancing to another area or level.

Another idea that comes to mind is to possibly have students do combined webquest and practical lab activities where information is being learned on the webquest site and then demonstrated with practical assessments in the labs. This I think would also be well suited with a student centered layered approach and would work well to build a solid foundation of safe welding practice.

The drawback for me however, is that I only have students for a short  duration (5 days to 12 days). The 12 day duration courses I teach may benefit from this as we typically spend a full day covering our safety related material.


One thought on “Webquests for Welding Safety

  1. Hey Ed, I love your thoughts and ideas. I especially like your concept about having your students research the theory before working on the practical portions or ‘hands on’ experience. Thanks for the read and letting me read your great ideas. Cheers!


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